exceptional landscape design


Professional Project management, Construction & maintenace

landmatters is a team of design and construction experts.

we help artfully integrate your needs with the environment.


We offer design and planning for any size landscape project.

When a project is beyond our current capacity we put you in touch with the right team and stay lightly involved to make sure things are going well.


We work with:

a carefully selected network of other design and construction  experts to Meet your projects unique needs on time & with more added value then you were expecting.

standards we expect:

the best possible solutions for the planet...

Memorable EXPERIENCES for inhabitants...

 and Precision Craftsmanship Without Any Shortcuts...

From Start to Finish.



Many positive changes will be on the way

Starting in 2017 Landmatters is growing and hiring.

which will allow us to take care of our clients in the only way we would have it... To listen to their needs and priorities while providing environmentally responsible landscapes in an artful way.

We are also partnering (not merging) with Blooming prairie nursery to take Landmatters to a whole new level.  With our focus on native plants, High Quality regional materials, and addressing impaired ecosystems...

(think of flash flooding, loss of pollinators, etc.)

It only makes sense to work with the best,