"solutions architect"

Hi, I'm Drew Matthew Maifeld, (did you notice the two M's?) its great to see you here.  I'm in a slow but steady & very humble pursuit of helping people to live in harmony with each other & on this beautiful planet. I suppose some would say it's a big game, & a long shot, but I think it definitely makes for a life worth living. If your with me on this, please don't be afraid to reach out & celebrate your work.

Somewhere near the end of my studies at Iowa State University, in about 2007, I gave myself a business name... "D2MGROUP". 

At that time & certainly even before, I was already working on projects outside my normal field of study (Landscape Architecture). I had always been the kind of kid who loved to learn & wasn't afraid to ask questions. Although maybe sometimes too many & perhaps against the grain. But it never was, & never will be, all about me. Hence the "GROUP" -- which translates to all the other amazing people who & the crazy pursuits that collectively chip in to raise the bar of the common human experience. It is my sincerest hope & belief that we as a species will learn to live with deep regard, care, & compassion for all & in all situations.

For fun, I gave myself a title as "solutions architect" because I simply enjoyed helping people & working collectively to solve real world problems, shortcomings, or anything I could meaningfully contribute myself to. I felt it would represent my diverse interests & talents in both people & a rapidly growing digitally technical world. Not surprisingly, this title was before I knew what the term "solutions architect" was, or would become. Little did I know it would be commonplace in the Information technology world (FYI, I'm in no formal way associated with that background, sorry).

I'm simply an extremely thoughtful fellow in who is always eager to "help people help each other" & to work together to make the best, most informed & meaningful decisions.



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